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Rooting stock Kindle Fire 6.3 for Dummies

Fri Apr 20 2012 02:00:00 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)

So, it turned out that I eventually couldn't leave my hands off the Kindle Fire. Of course I can claim that I need this toy to be evaluated for my job. But after buying it with my German credit card I found out that it is heavily locked into the Amazon hemisphere. Too bad that they accept my German credit card to buy the device, but not to get any content or apps from the Amazon App Store. So there is of course the natural motivation to free this from all this stuff. This is f'ed up - you Mofos.

Unfortunately it seems that the rooting exercise is a pretty big mess. During my first night I thought I already totally bricked my Fire. However after tons of 'research' (fancy word for reading too many articles which only contain part of the truth) I finally got the real summary. This and a fresh new Windows system finally brought my Fire back to life. And if this doesn't help, a physical USB Factory cable like this one should almost always do the trick.

Now I can explore the unlocked Android world and it might even be that I eventually really use this as a low-cost, high-quality remote data collection tool for my job. If not, I have at least one more blog post...

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